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Hand-held Bidet was Mounted Inclined in Toilet

Hand Bidet was Mounted InclinedThis photo is the hand-held bidet mounted in the toilet by a renovation contractor. Maybe you feel uncomfortable, but you might not notice what the problems clearly.

Please see the next picture.

This photo is changed the direction of the hand-held bidet and written lines. You can find that the bracket of hand-held bidet is mounted with a large angle of inclined on the wall.

There is no special reason that the hand-held bidet mounted with an angle. Judging from these facts so far, this renovation contractor is not aware that they work for customers.

This may not be a practical problem. But, such a careless renovation gives residents mental-stress unconsciously. Accumulation of small stress brings slumps to your health, life and business.

To make matters worse, If people do not care any longer about the condition that is not normal, the sensitivity and the common sense will be lost. Please try to imagine, your kids think that abnormal, senseless, or problem is normal condition to your kids. Inability to judge right and wrong is terrible.

The renovation cost is no different depending on whether straight or inclined.
For the sake of your kids, please choose the renovation contractor who thinks about you and your family’s life.

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