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Dear Malaysia Citizen:

In a hot and sultry season, I had renovated one customer’s home.
It customer was a couple in their 30s.
And, the husband was always speaking in broken English…

I felt strange because he looks like a Malaysian.
But, I knew later that he is Japanese.

That he was always closely monitoring renovation construction.
I had felt honestly he was very annoying for my renovation work.
Not only that, I even had felt that he was very disturbing!!!

He always requested very detailed, and he was particular about the small things.
I was very frustrated during renovation.

Sometimes, I got to complain also about small things. For example, piping layout, paint to portion of hard to see, horizontal or vertical degree for switches and piping, etc…..
Once listing up his complaining, it never ends.

I had thought always he was very a neurotic and nagging person.

In the painting work, I had been pointed out 50 points in one room. That point is as small dents and stains.

Usually do not mind too much.
Even though he’s a customer, I had been likely to shout out him loudly very angry at his request.
At that time, my voice had become a little loud, but I was patient about anger…

His house renovations took 2 months despite planned scheduled for 3 weeks.
But, The renovation work was completed successfully without a trouble luckily.
Successfully… I thought successfully… so, I only thought…

I had a chance to dinner with him later.
At that time, I complied with most of his requests. He seemed very grateful. And I was very confident in his house renovation.

I asked him…
“What was your score on this house renovation?”

He replied with a smile.
“2 points”

I felt unlikely that the 2 points. I thought I’d hear a mistake.
I asked again.
“Just 2 points out of 10 ???”

He said…
“2 points out of 100”

I did not have the words in big shock.
He seemed grateful. But only 2 out of 100, so I could not believe it.

I asked many and many after my head recovered from the shock.
And then I understood variety and got a strong inspiration also.

First, I have understood he was involved in many construction-related projects.

He has worked on full-renovation, new construction, building repairs, office buildings and housing.
For example, New construction of single-story restaurant with parking.
Three-storey house with basement of the famous architect who has been introduced in the Wikipedia.
Seismic reinforcement work for office buildings to minimize damage during an earthquake.
Construction of Industrial power plants to reduce running costs, etc….
He has worked as the chief of a project and the field superintendent, in Japan as well as Malaysia.

Through the project management, he has needed not only to view the drawings but also to draw the drawings by handwriting or CAD and to design by 3D-CAD at times. And He has carried control of schedules that must be followed absolutely and control of tight cost on a budget as well.

When I asked he can do everything, he said was he can’t carry out the routine work that repeating the same everyday in a like carrying perfectly new projects, and he likes the launch of new projects

Next, I have understood why the house renovation score is only 2 out of 100.

Low score is not only the house renovation of my working. Malaysia’s house renovation is the low score.
It is the average score for Malaysia’s renovation.

House renovation in Malaysia is much inferior in quality and service when compared to advanced nation countries.
It does not mean that excellent renovation is because of material is good quality.
Rather, the house renovation cannot spend a lot of costs for material, because of high labour costs in  advanced nation countries.

His meaning is the worth of house renovation in Malaysia is not balanced with that price.
In short, the customers paid the price was much much higher than the worth of the renovation.
In other words, the house renovation is not worth of that price.

Beautifully designed renovation looks good, but construction work is poor also.

If there is any problem with the renovation, the contractor says there are problems with the building and materials.
If the problem appears a cause of the renovation problem after 1 year,  the contractor says because of passed time.
What do the renovation contractors who make such as an excuse can give any worth to customers?

Before the renovation, a contractor should point out the problem of building and materials, and then a contractor should renovate a house enough to hold the quality as long as possible.

Unfortunately, many renovation contractors seem that they are trying to steal the worth as money from the customers.

Why do the customers ask renovation to a professional contractor?
And why do the customers want to renovation their house?
What do the customers want to get after renovation?

The customers want to get what is not in the renovation construction.
The customers want to feel happy in life after renovation.

I was shocked strong to hear the story.

I had only done work the requested by customers.
And I had not thought of why customers want to renovation.

I have recognised that if I do not think what the customer wants to get, The customers must understand the renovation construction more than a professional contractor.

It is that customers do not need renovation contractors.

And he was saying.
Malaysia aims to become an advanced nation country.
And it would definitely be achieved.

Because some of the renovation contractors, but the number of contractor is small, have begun an effort to give worth to customers.
Customers will select a contractor to give worth to them.

And, I felt strongly to do renovations to give more worth to customers too.
I want to contribute to society of Malaysia through the house renovation.
And I want to see happy smiling people of Malaysia.

A few days later, I offered him to become the adviser of house renovations.
But he just gave me a few advices, did not accept my offer.

After 3 months, I reported him the result of his advice.

In fact, I felt improving the quality and the speed of the renovation work.
In particular, labour cost was reduced by the increased speed of construction.
I am now able to provide my customers cheaper renovation.

And,  I offered him to be the adviser again.
But he did not accept the offer.

And he told me.
Renovation cost is down, but the customer payment can be lower only a few percent eventually.
Because, costs other than labour costs cannot be reduced by speeding up.
If you provide just a few percent lower price house renovation, customers can get the worth as only a few percent lower price It is just a few percent of the worth.

Instead of only a few percent lower price, provides the worth of 100 times for your customer.

I was astonished.
It means I must provide 100 times worth of price using only a little of costs.

Then I started to study everyday after the job in order to provide worth to customers.

I did’t know how can provide 100 times of worth.
But I started studying how to improve the quality of renovation.
I found a lot of the renovation can be improved after studying.

I had repeated that studying and to carried out to the actual renovation.
In fact, the quality of the renovation has improved very much.
But I still cannot understand how to provide worth by 100 times.

I had changed my mind that repeated studying for improving house renovation.
I got a strong willingness to deliver worth to customers through a renovation.
And I want to uplift renovation industry and to contribute to the development of Malaysia.
Anything else, I want to see the smiles of the people are living happily in Malaysia.

6 months later, I told him of my strong feelings directly.
Then, I asked to be the advisor with feeling that this is the last.

A few more months have passed…

I am pleased to be able to offer the house renovation with worth to you right now.

Please show me your smile.
I’ll do my best for your happiness.


  • Refresh from tiredness on your mental and body. You are working hard every day from early morning until late at night. In work, you are always solving difficult problems, taking responsibility for the failure of other people and encourage your staff sometimes. You are really very tired. Your heart is under heavy stress. But you will be able to release tension from your mind. You will be able to refresh mental and body from tiredness, and you can recharge energy in your home. You will always be full of vitality by this house renovation. Because…


  • Take comfortable and good sleep. The bedroom to sleep is one of the most important parts of the house. But most of the house renovation is not considers the purpose of the bedrooms. As if the bedroom is a room to put the beds rather than a room to sleep! You will take a comfortable sleep in your bedroom by house renovation considered for your good sleep. Then you will feel your body full of strength, and your brain shining clearness when wake up in the morning.


  • Get great results with the business. Awaken your brain that will be full of ideas and inspirations. You will be able to solve easily the difficult problems. And your new ideas and inspirations will lead to business success. The brain released from stress will bring you the incredible ability into full play. If you are not getting the results as you expect, it may be caused by the house renovation. Because…


  • Get confidence and faith to your performance. You will get confidence and faith from the people. Because You won’t attract unbearable mental stress by releasing a little tension by house renovation. Nobody won’t leave you caused by your mental stress. In other words, your one result will bring next good results. Accumulation of your small result will become your good cycle. Your good cycle will bring the trust of the people. And the trust from the people will lead you to great success. It means you will get expected success, and your dream will come true. You are suffering from mental stress unconsciously by a house renovation. Most of the house renovation in currently is not any consideration to detail for the residents. But you will be able to stay in the house considered to detail for your happiness life.


  • Always healthy and lively. You released from mental stress will be a lively mind and healthy body always, and you won’t suffer from the sickness. You no longer will need to think and worry about the progress of business or your family life. You can always look to the future for you and your family with positive.
  • Feel the home is happiness for you. You will find the home is not only for relieving the tired. And you will find to have a real feeling the home is for you and your family happiness. Although many people care about Feng-Shui. but there are few people who notice about negative effects from building of a house such as poor quality of workmanship or finishing. Feng-Shui is known as one of the sciences, but finishing and workmanship do not establish one of a field, just a part of the construction field. Finishing and workmanship is often ignored. But it is very important because you and your family to see and to touch direct all the time in home. Unfortunately, even if improve Feng-Shui, you and your family’s mental stress does not improve because the cause of finishing is different from Feng-Shui. That is, finishing and workmanship depends on knowledge and thinking of the renovation contractor. But you will get the good house renovation for finishing and workmanship. Your family will receive always the relax and happiness from the house without mental stress.


  • Enjoy always your wife’s cooking. You will love to eat a meal in home always because of you feel your wife’s cooking is best in the world. and You will feel dislike to eat-out and to takeaway from the shops. Not only that, it would be fun to cook for yourself in home. And your wife, your son and daughter will love very much your cooking. you’ll always see the smiles of your family in your house.


  • Keep your wife beauty and youth. Your wife will be seen younger than actual age. It is not only her appearance, but her action also youthful. In addition, she will recover the beauty of nature. She will have a brighter complexion and very expressive face. So, she will be loved and adored by many people. Then, she will increase an opportunity to meet people. And she will become more active and have an agreeable beauty that gives pleasure or enjoyment.


  • Enhance your son’s concentration. Your son enhanced power of the concentration, will be able to get the good results in his school. First, he may have just better results in one subject. But one good result will be the encouragement of him. And he will also improve performance in other subjects. Your son will soon get the wonderful results greatly in all subjects.


  • Have your son a positive mind and motivated. Your son will have always a positive mind and motivated. He won’t be afraid of the fail. And he will be able to try to various new challenges. At first, he might make many of the mistakes. But he will get great value unawares from the experience of failure. He will have the courage and confidence by getting many good experiences from the challenges.


  • Develop gifts for your daughter. Your daughter will be blooming talent early, she will heal the people heart by music and attract people by art. Because the sense of design, especially useful in the business field in a future, she will be able to success in business.


  • Feel proud of your family from the heart. You will get a wonderful family and home that become the envy of your friend. It will be achieved with the ability of your determination and your performance. You will feel proud without to brag about yourself. Because your friends are truly blessed from the heart without flattery. You will be able to do everything with your confidence.


  • Enjoy the fullest trust from your family. Your family will always trust and rely on you. It is respect for you and love from your family. Trust from your family will give the courage and the future to the family. It is a deeply honor through your whole life.


  • Get free time more in one day. You will get time more in one day. you won’t feel anymore that you don’t have a time always. Modern people are increasingly less time despite the development of civilization. But if you have your time more and more, would you like to spend your time more worthwhile for your family? To feel of “no time” is caused by emotions mainly. So you will get more time and a valuable time in your life by got rid of mental stress by house renovation. You will increase your free time by get rid of wasted time as much as possible, such as house cleaning. It is impossible that keeping a house clean without cleaning. But you will save time and labour to clean house as much as possible and allow for easy clean house.


  • Get valuable property even after 20 years. You will get a valuable property by house renovation even after 20years. Going down the value of renovation house after 20years is unavoidable. But, the problem is the poor-quality renovation depresses down from the original values of real estate in a 3 years. Unfortunately, such a house renovation is a general currently that is the reality. Though attracted visually to the beautiful designs of house renovation need to be careful. Beauty of the design and good quality of renovation is totally different. But your real estate won’t decrease the value by renovation. In other words, Your good quality renovation will increase the values of your property even after 20 years.


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I am most happy moments in my work that is the customer said with a smile “I’m glad your doing this home renovation”

So, I want you to feel from your heart that “Really glad for renovation” also.

However, the reality of renovation industry is…

The renovation contractors will take action only to some of request from customer, and they usually will consider to cut down effort and labour as much as possible to earn money.

Customers are not professional of renovation, thus does not have a wealth of knowledge. Customer requests the status of completion usually. So even if the renovation contractors are simply responding to customer’s requests, does not get to complain from customers.

If a renovation contractor cut down labour in the underlying process of very important, a renovation contractor can save cost and time. But such a house will begin to worsen just after people start to live. In advanced nation countries, such a construction is called a shoddy construction. And it will be a fraud lawsuit.

The reason of the lowering in quality often thought that because of the passage of time, But the cause of truth is because of cut down labour and effort in the underlying process. Therefore, the house cannot maintain a first good condition in a long period.

Sometimes, a house designed by a huge expense and shoddy renovation begins degradation immediately. The house will lose the beauty of the design in a few short years.

Unfortunately, many of the renovation contractors in recent years are not even aware of themselves that they are cutting down labour and effort.

The result of  that renovation contractors copied only to save labour and cost, they do not have any knowledge of the underlying process of very important. So, they blame to materials for the problems of renovation.

For example, the completion is very beautiful paint but the paint starts to peel off after staying house.

And, the renovation contractor will make excuse as low-quality of paint chosen by the customer without knowledge of the paints.  If they have the knowledge, they should know the problem before the paint work.

The same is true with such costs.

For example, if you increase the socket a power point, the actual cost will differ depending on the length of the wire. However, many renovation contractors in Malaysia estimate the cost only a number of the socket regardless of the length of the wire.

This is because the renovation contractors feel a troublesome job that bothers to calculate for the customers. But these renovation contractors are not a loss because it includes more than enough profit.

These renovation contractors are stingy of a little effort for the customers, and ask an unreasonable price more than enough costs. If the renovation contractor is thinking for customers, they always efforts to reduce the cost by calculate from wire length.

In worse case, the renovation contractors even don’t know the basis of a unit price in their quotation. In short, they do not know of how to calculate. If you ask to them, they will answer that is a market price. In other words, they do not know basis clearly why the cost of their work.

Previously, I was thinking the same way, so, I know the feelings of such renovation contractors.

For customers, Living in a comfortable house that is renovated for having a happy life and fun is one of the dreams.

But only few in a lifetime experience.
And customers do not know a detail of the information and knowledge for renovation. There is no choice for customers but to rely on the contractor.

I am facing a dilemma from receiving advice of Japanese adviser.

Most of the contractors in the renovation industry,
The fact they are not seriously considering after you began to live at home. . .

Customers obey the renovation contractors,
Mental-stress will received unintentionally by the low-quality renovation. . .

I want to make an opportunity to improve the structure of the renovation industry’s self-indulgence in such an ultra-unfriendly!

I thought strongly that I want a lot of people to get good renovation to spend the nice day in that house.

I hesitated to expose on the Internet.
Because I might take the intense opposition from the renovation industry.

But if I leave this,
Even if customers believe in the renovation contractors, because customers cannot to judge about renovation, you cannot enjoy a happy life like you dreamt by mindless support of renovation contractors.

And leave renovation industry as it is, it might be delaying 20 years developing of the renovation industry in Malaysia.

The renovation industry of Malaysia in the near future must become a world leader along with economic development to join the ranks of advanced nation countries.

We need not only shapes but also need real fruit.
We are not only visually beautiful renovation, but also needs house renovation for people get comfortable life a long-time.


I will be the pathfinder of the renovation industry,
I decided to start a renovation to provide a fun and happy life every day for customers.

  • To provide always a happy life for the customers through the renovation.
  • To provide comfortable living in a long time for the customers through the renovation without to cut down even a little effort.
  • To provide the valuable renovation for the customers more than 100 times of the costs.
  • Renovation is not the end of construction. This is the beginning of a happy and wonderful life to the customers.

To that end, I started this renovation service with the Japanese advisor.
If you feel this renovation service help your new life, Please ask a quotation.