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You must prepare the planning beforehand in order to get the renovation of good quality. There is interior design which is one of the means. And, the 3D rendering only is not the interior design. The 3D rendering is only a part of the interior design.

The main contents of the interior design are the blueprint for making a house. It is just a beautiful picture if there is no dimension. So if you hire an interior designer, you need confirm the contents to your interior designer in order not to waste the cost of interior design.


1. Preliminary Concept Design

Concept Proposal, Space Planning, Zoning, Master Plan, Perspective Image, Color Story, Scheduling, Rough Cost Estimation for Renovation.


2. Client Review & Approval

Refining Preliminary Design.


3. Detailed Design & Drawings and Specification

Floor Plan:
Planning the entire space focusing on usability and functional with considering the flow line and eye level of human.
Design Scheme:
Planning the color for the entire space, and to decide the materials of flooring, wall and ceiling etc.
Fixture & Joinery Plan:
Designing for the fixture & joinery.
Lighting Plan:
Designing lighting fixtures, light distribution, and selection of the type of the light source to make a comfortable space.
Accessories Plan:
Select painting, foliage plants, such as accessory to match the interior image.
Kitchen & Shower Room Plumbing Plan.
Facility Planning.
Furniture Plan.
Renovation Cost Estimation.
3D Photo Rendering Design.


4. Interior Design Development

Development Detailed Design & Specification.


5. Construction

Construction Work. (This is a scope of the renovation work.)
Construction Supervision. (This is a scope of the renovation work.)
Construction Administration (This is a scope of interior design.)


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