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Interior Design of Rehabilitation Center

We were asked from a customer why interior design of rehabilitation centers cannot be felt an HOPE. And we answered as follows.

Perhaps, we think the questioner was thinking in stereotypes that rehabilitation centers must be designed by “HOPE”. But, many rehabilitation centers are not designed with the concept of “HOPE” as the questioner think. In many cases, it has been designed with the concept of “Charity” and “Kindness”.

Therefore, the questioner does not feel “HOPE” from rehabilitation centers. In other words, the questioner is receiving feelings from the interior design sensitively.

Designer IYONA will design charity and kindness as part of the HOPE. And, IYONA will design about “HOPE”.

There are three thinking to design a “HOPE”.
1. Appeal to “HOPE” directly visually.
2. Induce spontaneous feelings to the users.
3. Design as the concept of “HOPE”.

Many rehabilitation centers have been designed as a concept of “HOPE”. But, Designer IYONA is pursuing 1 and 2 of above.

Interior Design takes up a lot of visual elements. However, Interior Design is not designed only by the visual elements. Interior Design that has been put feelings affects to the mind through the five senses of the users. It induces feelings by to resonate with users’ emotion casually.

That is, Interior Design is not only to design by the know-how and techniques preferentially. It is important to express by designer’s sensitivity and intention that the designer want to give.

And, Interior Design must be design to induce positive emotions as “HOPE” without users conscious. Designer is thinking about how to express for that.

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