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Pre-Designed Interior Design
for Ambang Botanic 2, Klang.

Limited to the First Purchaser of the Design.
The design can be changed for your hopes and desires !!

Construction of the “Ambang Botanic 2” is a comparatively high quality. One of the reasons is the finishing of building which is high quality comparatively.

However unfortunately, many renovation contractor carry out the renovation without the drawings, the schedule, and the costing. Of course, if the renovation is carried out without the preparation and planning will be low quality.

However, some of house owner can not afford to hire a designer or architect. Therefore, I have prepared the pre-designed interior design in order to you can get as much as the low-cost and the high-quality renovation.

You get the drawings of pre-designed interior design, You can request a high-quality renovation to contractor. Also helps you to understand the cost of renovation more accurate.

I hope you get the worth more than the price on your house renovation. And I wish your happy life after the renovation.

Currently preparing the other 2 design.
Please check frequently in this page, otherwise you will lose chance to get limited offer.

Please choose your favorate design as below.
Limited Offer is the only 1 person in the design of each.


“House of white space” by Interior Designer IYONA

Designed by IYONA

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by Architectural Designer Martha

Designed by Martha

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“High grade house” by Interior Designer Hayato

Designed by Hayato

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