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I was looking for an interior designer who can consider from the standpoint of the customer. When I could not find easily and I was about to give up, I met one of the guru of residential architect of Japanese women. It is the architect, Martha (Ms.Morioka Masayo), who is the head of M-KOBO.

Her interior design distinguishes itself from the design by the ego of designers, and the skimp of the unconscientious contractor. She is an architect of residential specialist to suggest a comfortable living along the wishes of customers who live in the house.

I has gone through a meeting with her again and again. Finally, She have agreed to provide her interior design into Malaysia.

Martha (Ms.Morioka Masayo), the architect of residential specialist in Japan, has mastered in only 2 years the architecture knowledge that usually need 4 years. However, she says it took actually further 6 years to get the national qualifications of architect from it.

The difficulty to get the national qualification of architect in Japan is extremely high. It is not only the difficulty of the state examination. Busy with their work , there’s not enough time to study for the state examination. There is also interference caused by envy from people who do not have the qualification to get the national qualification of architect.

However, she says through this experience. She has got the ability to finish the design in a short time to deliver quickly for the customer. And, she can insist her design for the wish of the customer rather than changing by the convenience of the contractor.

She has experienced a memorable project until the architect that specialises in housing, such as now.

One of them is the urban development project that was carried out in cooperation with major construction company on first worked. As architect of the few women at that time, she would take part in the project.

In this project, she had changed the design to the realistic drawings to conform with the law from the draft of high-rise building, urban underground parking, shops with housing, assembly-hall. And she had designed the landscape as a symbol.

And then, she is not only in charge of the design, but also attend the meeting for public funds for urban design and carried out the meeting with each government office to apply for the project at the same time.

Through this project, She could lay the firm foundations of ability to think for the customers, and ability to resolve difficulties in many constraints, and ability to design to the best ones among the limited budget.

Her ability developed in this project has been utilised in the housing design right now. To the communications for withdraw the hopes and feeling of customers. To achieve a design the contractor said impossible. To provide with the best design within customers budget.

These are the secret of the legend which the house designed by her satisfy the residents always.

After that project, She has involved in the design of housing people live the life. And increasingly, she has attracted to house design.

President of construction company she was working at that time had thought to provide the designs to a lot of customers in less time to extend the company.

However, she has wanted to design house for the each customers to focus on the voice of the each customer to cherish the each customer more. Her feelings to be very large and she has start to walk the road of independence as an architect of housing specialist.

At that time, She has been endeared already from a lot of customers who asked to design to her. And, her housing design have become very good reputation by the word of mouth. Therefore, she had received an invitation of the instructor of vocational training schools inevitably, she had the opportunity of education to many people aspire to architect.

Through such experience, she has been active as specialist of house design with a the national qualifications of architect. And she is good at a consideration to enjoy daily life from the perspective of the women, and matching with household appliances from the sensibility of women. And she is good at design of built-in furniture also.

And she also has a very good sense of arts, because of used to love sketch and arts crafts.  And it has been utilised in house design.

She has a surface that is professional looking cake making prowess. Because the point in common between the cake making and the house design is able to make people happy.

Martha (Ms.Morioka Masayo) is the architect of housing specialist who can understand the feelings of whom live in house.


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