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KEVO Unlocks House Doors by Touch with iPhone

Kevo & iPhone

Kevo is the smart key for a house. It is able to unlock and to lock the house doors by touch when you keep iPhone in your pocket. iPhone will be used as a simple digital key. You are able to open the lock without taking iPnone from the bag and pocket.

Appearance of the Kevo is same as the ordinary lock, but the circle light around keyhole is futuristic. Kevo can unlock the house lock by app that use Location services and Bluetooth of iPhone. You need not to find the key in your bag or pockets. The circle light will turn green and it will be unlocked when you touch lightly with a finger.



The family member who have iPhone will be able to hold digital key. And, it is possible to send to friends and/or relatives the digital key which can be used temporarily. When your friends and relatives arrived earlier than you, they can get into the house before you arrive.

Kevo FobIf you do not have iPhone, you can use “Kevo Fob (hands free key)”.It is same as smart key systems for car. And, if you cannot use iPhone and Fob, you can also use a physical key as traditional locks.

For the security, Kevo detects whether a family member is inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.

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