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Peeling Paint on Plastic Downpipe

Peeling Paint on Plastic DownpipeThis photo is 2 months later after painted the downpipe. The paint surface is a clean state without dirt. However, the paint is peeling in only 2 months.

Perhaps, the renovation contractor will make an excuse that peeling is because of the low quality of the paint.

Really, Is the paint low-quality?

The paints have been used mainly Nippon Paint, Dulux and JOTUN in Malaysia. There are other paint manufacturers. Many construction and renovation contractor is using these paints.

These paint manufactures are investing huge cost and time to develop the paint. Since many years, the paint manufactures have developed the paint for various applications, has large expertise in the paint.

Why inexperienced renovation contractors compared to the paint manufactures can say bad quality of the paint?

If the renovation contractor is familiar with the paint, the renovation contractor should know problem before painting. If the renovation contractor is not aware of the problems before painting, renovation contractor knowledge is poor.

Even amateurs can paint, but high quality paint work requires thorough knowledge not only experience.

You must choose a renovation contractor and/or house painter carefully.

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