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Tiles of Kitchen Peeling by Low Quality Renovation Contractor

Kitchen Tile is Peeling?

The left photo is a kitchen that is decorated with tiles.

At first glance, the kitchen renovation work is completed without problems. In fact, at the time of renovation has been completed does not appear to be a problem.

Peeling Tiles of kitchen 1

According to the house owner, Tiles of kitchen is peeling off in the 6 months after the completion of construction.

The photo on the left is just lifted up the tiles peeled off by hand. Tile has been completely separated from the concrete frame of the kitchen.

Peeling Tiles of kitchen 2

Photo on the left have just zoomed. And it can be seen well that the tiles has completely peeled off from mortar.

we can not see clearly in the photo taken by distance. but the photo taken by near can be seen the finishing of the kitchen renovation. the finishing is not very good as you also noticed.

Lifespan of the tile works

In general, the lifespan of the construction tiles are an average of 13 years in direct sunlight.

Cause of the peeling tiles at the direct sunlight are repeated stress of expansion and contraction due to temperature change occurs at the surface by solar radiation and cooling.

However, In the case of renovation of the photo, It is low possibility due to temperature change because it does not exposed to direct sunlight.

For the tiles and mortar were not adhere closely. Therefore, the tiles was peeling by the penetration of water between the tiles and mortar by capillary action.

The kitchen tiles are peeling in six months without exposed to direct sunlight. This is considered poor construction work obviously.

Cause of the tile peeling

In this case, The peeling of the tile could be multiple factors, such as the followings.

  1. Processing the back of the tile.
  2. Adhesion of impurities to the back of the tile.
  3. Formulation of mortar.
  4. Thickness of the mortar.
  5. Pressure of trowel for applying mortar.
  6. Open time of mortar
  7. Time of keeping of the mortar after mixing.
  8. Timing to adjust the joint of tiles.

Effect on quality through craftsmanship will be the No.5 and No.8 in these. Others is due to the knowledge of renovation contructor and due to consideration for customer.

Initiative of our House renovation

We are committed always to improving the skills and knowledge of the house renovation without satisfied with the current technique.

We do not want a lot of people to be made to regret for a renovation by such a contractor in the above photos.

We would like to help to improve more your life.

Therefore, We listen to your dissatisfactions and your requests about your home, not to impose to you the ease of renovation work due to selfish of renovation contractors.

We will provide a confortable house renovation for you over a long-term.
And, If it occurs renovation defect obviously in such a short time, we will repair free of charge.

Are you interested in our tile work for your house renovation?

2 Responses to Tiles of Kitchen Peeling by Low Quality Renovation Contractor

  • Better info on your blog than what I have seen so far elsewhere. Thanks for sharing and… Keep up the good work. I know from experience it’s not always easy! :-).

    • Thank you for your encouragement.

      I will continue to challenge in order to have customer satisfaction.
      And, I will continue to improve the housing renovation in Malaysia.

      I hope your advice and guidance from your experience.

      For happiness to people living in the house.

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