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Satisfied with House Renovation Contractor in Malaysia?

Are you satisfied with service of the home renovation contractor?

  • Renovation contractor demands an additional charge frequently.
  • Renovation contractor runs away before completion of renovation.
  • Renovation contractor damages a portion of the house and does NOT repair.
  • Renovation contractor makes house dirty by splashing of paints.
  • Renovation contractor destroys a facility in the condominium and does NOT restore.
  • Renovation contractor makes an excuse for the failure is an original house condition.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT point out problems of the original house condition.
  • Renovation contractor makes an excuse for the failure is a poor material.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT explain about materials.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT comply with your requests.
  • Renovation contractor forgets your request.
  • Renovation contractor ignores the schedule.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT report the progress of construction.
  • Renovation contractor is not much different from an amateur skill.
  • Renovation contractor work by visual estimation without measurement.
  • Renovation contractor lacks the construction knowledge.
  • Renovation contractor lacks products knowledge.
  • Renovation contractor has no sense of beauty.
  • Renovation contractor disposes of construction waste to the neighborhood.
  • Renovation contractor makes trouble to neighbors. And you get complaints from the the neighbor.

Please leave your comment what you did not satisfy with home renovation.

26 Responses to Satisfied with House Renovation Contractor in Malaysia?

  • my first floor concrete is only 2.5″ thick, upstair toilet concrete floor only 2″ thick !!!!
    HORRIBLE JOBS !!!!!!!!

    Balcany door closing with 1″ gap between door frame and door.
    Paid grade A price – but get grade C solid wood door – 4 units.

    and lots more…………

    • About your concrete floor. Strength of concrete is required for accurate structure calculation. But, it may not have sufficient strength. There is not enough covering depth or reinforcement bar.

      It is not just a matter of quality and noise. It is considered very dangerous for staying.

      Accident of the floor collapse has happened a lot of case in the world. It has become news only when casualties came out. In the neighborhood of my office in Malaysia, I have seen that the balcony of house has collapsed.

      Many companies without knowledge says, because the other house is not a problem. Therefore your house is not problem. However, the strength calculation depends on the house structure. Other house can not prove strength of your house structure.

      Some of constructor have means of reinforcement work. However, most of reinforcement work is the responsibility of each constructor and construction. Therefore, It is very high-risk construction work without detailed data. Unfortunately, we can not handle the reinforcement work that needed very high technical for your house.

      At least, please check the weight can be loaded. If your constructor can calculate strength of structure, Please discuss with your constructor.

  • We engaged “@@@@@@@@@@ ENTERPRISE” in Nov 2011 to complete $67K worth of renovation.
    After paid more than 50% of the amt, contractor failed to complete the job, gave excuses like marital probs etc, now refused to resp to phonecalls.
    We are totally dissapointed with him as this reflect badly on m’sian contractors.

    • I hear sometimes that constructor get away without having to complete the construction work. Your renovation constructor made excuses and has refused to receive the phone. It is intended that your renovation constructor has admitted fail himself.

      If your constructor have knowledge to recognize problems with the material, your constructor was able to point out the problem before starting construction work. It is thought that your constructor have no knowledge about the material.

      And, your constructor purchased materials for your renovation. that is the fault of your constructor. Also, if your constructor say the problem of material, your constructor is able to claim to the supplier of purchase of the material.

      I feel the anger to those renovation constructors that can not take the responsibility. I am concerned about the decline of trust from the world in the renovation industry in Malaysia. Your comments raise an issue to the renovation industry and will lead to the development of the renovation industry. Thank you very much.

  • My contractor sells away all my grills and gate without my consent. Break all the tiles and always ask me to order more. Use grinder to cut the tiles, tiles all bengkok at the edges . i took a chinese contractor to my suprise he does stupid job, until today he keeps hacking to correct his mistakes. Bad wiring and bad finishing. I have to correct his mistakes. Keeps bringing people to my house to view it, they dont know its been corrected and finishing touched up many times.
    i cant scold him as he might do worse havoc if scolded, so have to layan laaaa.

    • Your renovation contractor seems to be not good to renovation knowledge and services.

      Your renovation contractor cannot sell recyclable attachments and accessories of your home without your permission. In addition, It is same as the thief if your renovation contractors got the profit from selling recyclable attachments and accessories of your home.

      Purchase of tiles is usually the work of renovation contractors. And, damage of tiles caused by work is the responsibility of the renovation contractor. Will you have purchased from tiles company directly for cost reduction? In that case, you need to take the risk of poor skill and services of renovation contractor. However, your renovation contractor seems to be thinking simply that they can order tiles unlimited to you. because it is not renovation contractor’s money. Excellent renovation contractors is always considering to reduce the renovation cost for the customer.

      If you do not correct the mistake early, your renovation contractor will progress the work and they do not want to rework anymore. And, there is also many renovation contractors to run away before completion. therefore, I recommend you carefully check your home renovation yourself.

      Unfortunately, many house renovation work in Malaysia is very similar to your renovation contractor. your comment will improve the renovation industry in Malaysia. Thank you for your meaningful comment.

  • I know that some renovation contractor do these bad activities. To escape from these problems hire professional home builder to redesign your old home. You can receive information about contractors from their website.

    • Some renovation contractor is providing the superior information on their website. The renovation contractor who have technology, skills and know-how can provide excellent information. Otherwise, they cannot show good information to the customers on their website.

  • Hi need some advise here, i bought a duplex house, but i plan to renovate into 2 storey.
    Please teach me how to attached the file or just sent to you by email.
    I will attached a floor plan let you study , thank you so much .

  • I facing a few problem with my house which my downlight supposely to be installed at wet kitchen however there are installed it to my dry kitchen.

    One of the downlight has been damage by them and yet they ask me to get it a new one and say will refix it to right place but it seems nothing to be done 3days even i get everything to be done.

    Second is the paint that he paint for me is ridiculous. i can still see the 1st layer of the paint even they painting 2nd layer which is the color i choose.

    I have try to contact them several time to try to discuss the problem however the contractor is not answering the call and email me to paid for 3rd payment. Im very frustrated and it make me n my partner is worry for our house. Kindly please advisevme how am i going to solve this issue.

    • I hear often the trouble about the renovation contractors in Malaysia. I feel the anger whenever I hear a story like that.

      The mistake of installation of downlights, and a cause that your renovation contractor have not listen firmly your requests. Did somebody of the contractor supervise the site? In any case, It is the responsibility of the renovation contractor in the obvious.

      If the downlight was damaged by renovation contractor, It must be reimbursed by them. However, the re-installation of the downlights is not carried out in 3 days, It cannot say a problem unconditionally because they have a work preparation and sequence.

      For the paint work, It is a matter of the knowledge and skill of the renovation contractor obviously. The painting work looks so easy at first glance, but the renovation contractors with sufficient knowledge is very little. So, if you request to improve the renovation contractor, Even if the appearance of the paint improved, the important features of paint such as durability is compromised.

      It is obvious intention of them that the renovation contractor requests the next payment. The renovation contractor got already a sufficient profit from you. If the renovation contractor does not continue to work, they can ensure a profit because they need not to re-work for their failure.

      You can also take legal action, but it will be a superfluous spending on financial like as legal fees. It is not realistic for that.

      Thus, you have the choice of two currently. One is that you pay 3rd payment to them. Or, you change the renovation contractor. However, If you pay 3rd payment to them, It is no possibility to improve the work of the renovation contractor. Perhaps, they will be worse.

      I’ve been the advice of many, However, some person chose the next payment, and they regret to the choice. This is the current situation of the renovation industry unfortunately. We will continue working to improve the renovation industry.

  • My house is a 2-storey semi-D. Immediate neighbor rebuilt his unit to 2.5 storeys. No consent sought from me before construction started. Signboard with authority approval was up. Work started since March 2013, expected to complete by March 2014.

    Two days ago scaffolding were built on my roof top to enable plastering & painting work without prior notification to me. Now my ceiling & wall (immediately next to his house) had water marks. Already reprimanded them to stop working on my roof.

    Yet to assess if the electrical or piping are affected. Complaint to main contractor, demand for undertaking letter & verbally he promised to repair my house. Also told the owner personally & owner said main contractor is responsible. Police report was made & pictures were taken. Yet to report to DBKL.

    1. Now the main contractor is going to issued me the letter but I prefer the letter to come from the owners, not main contractor, simply because owner may change main contractor anytime & I have no one to turn to. Can I do so?

    2. If main contractor is paid by owner to resolve all this issue, & thus issue the letter to me, could I insist otherwise?

    3. If the letter has to come from main contractor, but cc to owner; & when the main contractor does not repair my house, is the owner then indirectly liable? What is the owner’s responsibility then?

    4. I want all related cost to be absorbed for damages found at my house due to this construction for a period 12 months. This period of time is acceptable?

    Awaiting for your reply. Thank you.

    • We think that it is very problematic to the renovation contractor who built the scaffolding without neighbour permission. And, it is the obligation of renovation contractors that protect so as not to give the dirt and damage to nearby.

      We are handling the interior design and renovation work. So, We will answer from the point of view of the construction work to your question. However, we are not a lawyer. I recommend to check with the expert about the contract and law.

      1. Now the main contractor is going to issued me the letter but I prefer the letter to come from the owners, not main contractor, simply because owner may change main contractor anytime & I have no one to turn to. Can I do so?

      We believe that construction and renovation is responsible for the renovation contractors. And, we think that there is no responsibility of renovation work to the house owner.

      However, I understand your worry. There is renovation contractor to abandon in the middle of renovation work. Or, there is a problem with the quality of the renovation. In the case, the house owner need to change renovation contractor.

      If you want to get a letter from the house owner, It will be negotiations with the house owner and you. But thinking realistically, I think the house owner does not prepare a letter for you. (House owners usually assume the responsibility of the renovation contractor. And, we think it is correct.) Therefore, you need to prepare the letter from you if you want to take advantage. But, this also depends on negotiation with the house owner and you.

      Even if the owner has changed the renovation contractor, you will be able to pursue a responsibility to the renovation contractor that issued the letter. please confirm with expert of law.

      2. If main contractor is paid by owner to resolve all this issue, & thus issue the letter to me, could I insist otherwise?

      House owner do not pay usually to the problem of construction and renovation work. Renovation contractor that caused the problem will pay. But, it is decided by negotiation of the owner and the renovation contractor. If you can not be satisfied with the problem-solving, you need to negotiate with the renovation contractor or the house owner.

      3. If the letter has to come from main contractor, but cc to owner; & when the main contractor does not repair my house, is the owner then indirectly liable? What is the owner’s responsibility then?

      The owner is also responsible depending on the content of the letter and/or contract of them. However, the house owner is also a victim of the renovation contractor in practice. It is advisable how to pursue the responsibility of the renovation contractor in cooperation with the house owner.

      4. I want all related cost to be absorbed for damages found at my house due to this construction for a period 12 months. This period of time is acceptable?

      If the problem of the renovation work will occur in the 12 months, It will be considered shoddy construction. Or, the renovation contractors do not have knowledge and skill for renovation work.

      For the letter, please confirm with expert of law.

  • In renovation industry, is there an all-in package whereby client only deal with a single party e.g ID and all responsibilities will be under the ID. I am asking this question because I have limited time to supervise renovation work and expect to deal with only 1 party that will guarantee the end product. Thanks

    • A lot of renovation contractor and Interior design company will take responsibility. But, Please check your contractor or your ID (Interior Design) company. Of course, we also take responsibilities for interior design and renovation work. if your are interested in our service, please contact to us. Inquiry for Renovation Malaysia

  • Disappointed to Malaysia’s Renovation Contractor to their bad and unresponsible attitude. My quotation for supply & install 20 nos of 13amp plug point and one auto gate point. Regret that all 19 nos of point was concealed to wall and finally one point that is located at kitchen area was at the wall surface. The auto gate point was left without any on/off switches and wiring hanging at wall. I have express my dissatifaction to this matter but ine of the contractor shouting at me to settle the final payment hence they will rectify the outstanding work. As at today, the work is still pending and I have given sufficient time rectify but yet no response. They refuse to pick-up call and no feedback at all despite numerous message been send. Just wonder what is our consumer right in Malaysia?

    • Hearing your story, I am disappointed to the attitude of your renovation contractor. I often hear the same story such as the behavior of your renovation contractor.

      The renovation contractor submitting the low cost quotation often brings trouble to clients. Because the type of renovation contractor gets renovation projects, but construction capital will be shortage in a few projects. It cannot cover the cost of materials and labor expenses by only down payment. So construction fee need to be covered by the other project.

      And, the type of renovation contractor cannot spend time and budget, so the quality cannot be good. But, your comment will improve Renovation industry in Malaysia.

  • Penang Renovation Comment:
    Recently i been engage to this contractor by the name of *** ** ** **********
    advertise in Mudah. Have a feeling he is cheating lots of people. The way he doing business is he will quote low in the 1st place, ask to deposit money, giving lots of reason. i think this should be stop. Stop burdering the people. I had chck some comment on web dont know is the say guy or not but i hope that some authority people will chek on this guy. The reason im writing this is hope that others dont feel the trap. Somene pls help to stop this by stopping him from doing to others. Tq.

    • Renovation contractors with low-price quotation will add the cost frequently on the half way of renovation work… Your comment will improve the renovation industry in Malaysia. TQ

  • Becarefull with this contractor named *********** who goes by using ** **** ***. He is a sweet talker in the beginning then he will change once he gets the money. He is what we call bodoh sombong.

    Talks like he is an expert but works otherwise. Very cunning in giving excuses. Takes your money and then blames his workers not listening to him and lazy. When you sound him, he gets angry and will scold you back. Useless fellow. Took my money and 3months down the road never finish my reno. He will make you suffer and lose money.

    • It is not sure what is problem. It seems communication problem. Please try to talk to the renovation contractor with your love.

  • i really dissapointed while 1st time engage with the contractor aldr happened a lot of issues. First of all, the contractor will quote you by a reasonable price into the 1st quotation, slowly will increase and hiking up the price via another two variation orders. n one story terrace house not including flooring n tiles cost me more than 100k..While come to the defect works, im express the dissatifaction of the awning design are totally different with what I expected via the catalog showned Sumore cost me almist 10k for this item. Unfortunately, you cannot complaint his work while I found out again he use my house’s electricity to do renovation works for neighbour WiThout Inform Me And yield at me by threathened me be careful, he know many gangster around if i continue complaint him. Now, customer cannot have their own rights to fight against with gansgter license contractor like this.You only can kept quiet if you wan stay peacefully at there.As a consumer, we pay expensive money to receive fearness and threathen.
    im hope that people dont choose this kind of contractor where you will getting cheated by his ‘look honest surface’ and later on will come and suck your blood slowly while threathen u dun complaint. Tq

    • Variation orders is not problem. It means quotation is correct. However, the renovation contractor is not kindness and honest, because the contractor did not explain details about the quotation. And, the client need to know about your renovation work with the quotation. These issues are prevented by knowing the contents of the quotation. The contents of the renovation work is more important than the cost. Even in the same kind of work, the cost will vary greatly depending on the contents of the work.

      About the design different of the awning. Sometimes, the product cannot provide due to model change, out of stock, etc. But, The renovation contractor should explain it about different design before the work.

      Using electricity for the neighbour renovation work. It’s insane… And, for gangstar, Your experience is very disappointing. However, Your comment will improve the renovation industry. Thank you.

  • Be care of this renovation company.
    T***** Interiors and Renovation.
    Taman Kencana, 56100, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

    The workmanship is extremely shoddy and they use recycled waste materials to do the carpentry work hoping you will not notice. This woman Jasmine will promise and offer you a lot of things before they are warded the contract. Once she got the job, she will get very rude and talk like a gangster when you tell her what is not right. Just be careful.

    • I think that is really unfortunate.

      I think your renovation cost is very cheap judging from it is used recycled waste materials. There is always reasons when renovation cost is very cheap compared with other contractors.

      However, it is not able to be reason for rude attitude to customers. I guess the contractor always provide bad service and renovation work. So, they need to show cheap cost. because they do not have any other reason to get new customers. Their clients never want to introduce new customer. So, they need get profit from shoddy and recycled waste materials.

      If you are planning a renovation, be sure to check the fair price with reason. if the renovation price is cheap, there is some reasons. Please note.

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