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7 Steps to a successful House Renovation in Malaysia

Nobody wants to regret after renovation work completed. Surely you also want to satisfy with the house renovation, and are dreaming your new life style. If you know the simple step, your house renovation will succeed without fail.


STEP1. Planning for your dream house.
You need to plan in detail as much as possible. If you are planning a brief only, house renovation would proceed by the convenience of the contractor. It is also a good way to ask the architect / interior designers.

STEP2. Choose the renovation contractor.
Choosing a renovation contractor has a significant impact on the success or failure of the house renovation. Gather information on contractors, discern contractor that is suitable to your renovation, and compare the quotations by get competitive quotes from multiple contractors.

STEP3. Have a meeting with the renovation contractor.
There is a lack of meeting as part of the main causes of regret to renovation. Monitoring of construction has a significant impact on the success or failure of the house renovation.

STEP4. Check the quotation / agreement.
You should examine the renovation content than the price. The quotations are not written in detail about the renovation work in many cases. You need to check the contents to renovation contractors.

STEP5. Start of construction
In a lot of renovation work, There is not a person to supervise the construction. In order not to regret, you will need to monitor by yourself, or to ask construction supervision to an external company.

STEP6. Final inspections
Some contractors may not properly clean. You need to check the construction waste and cleaning upon completion of construction.

STEP7. After-sales service
If you find construction defects after the completed the renovation work, the contractor would repair by free of charge. You should also to check the warranty of house renovation.


I wish you success in your house renovation. Surely wonderful lifestyle is waiting for you.

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