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Idea of interior design of house renovation is not only one. Our interior design service is not only one designer, but also we have multiple designers. It is the professional job that meets the hopes of the customers within the limits of the budget.

Some renovation contractors will tell simply that it is “impossible” as a matter of convenience of the construction or budget. But, it is possible that their idea has just dried up.

So if you want to succeed in your home renovation, you will need to ask the changes many times without hesitation. If a designer charge additional fees for every change, that designer has no intention to provide a good home design for you.

If you do not satisfy the design of the house, you should ask to reconsider to designers or renovation contractors. It will succeed a great renovation for your home with a process to reconsider the design several times.

Also, even if you are satisfied, it does not take account of the behavior and the lifestyle of human beings to the design in some cases. But if you are not an expert, it is very difficult to think about the behavior and the lifestyle of human beings.

Therefore, the design must be considered from the perspective of third party expert that is different from the renovation contractors and the designers. The third party expert needs to think the renovation design from the standpoint of the customer.

It may conflict with the standpoint of a customer and the standpoint of a renovation contractor. However, it is important in order to complete the better renovation. And, an opinion of the designer from a different perspective, it will succeed the best house renovation.

We have a system to consider the house design separately from the customer’s point of view and perspective of a person in charge of the renovation work in order to succeed your home renovation.

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