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One fine morning the birds were singing in lively. When I was preparing for the work for interior design, I had my eye caught on a message.

I forget the preparation the work of interior design, and I was drawn into the message with passion.

It is a message from Hayato (Mr. Onuki Hayato) who has been at the forefront in the industry of interior design for the commercial.

Hayato’s interior design is highly appreciated, and he is popular as an interior designer for the commercial. Triggered that he receive a lot of work as now, goes back 10 years ago.

At that time, he has been fascinated by the music and skateboarding. And he decided to go to Los Angeles of the United States of America which is the center of its culture immediately after graduated from high school.

He saw the USA which is sensational more than his imagination. He aroused the intense curiosity to everything which he sees and touches. He had fun very much into casual and ordinary daily life.

In particular, the feeling of liberal scales of the city and home, and to living space that is different by self-expression of people who live, he was stimulated the excitement welling up from the depths of the heart.

He was inspired a lot in USA life. And he would suddenly make a decision putting an end to 2 years of USA life for going back to Japan.

He finished the admission procedure of the Space Design College without any hesitation as soon as he return Japan.

Since then, In half of the entrants drop out from the school to give up by harsh demanding curriculum. But he would continue to attend all classes by a phenomenal concentration ability without stopping even once. Finally, He have celebrated the graduation by double prizes for the excellence honors and the perfect attendance awards. He was there to focus all of his life of until then.

After the graduation because he was taking the prize, he was able to get a job in the store design construction company immediately.

In that company, he designed interior for the stores himself, and to manage the site until renovation construction completed. And he was responsible until the store staff to carry and display the goods after the renovation.

Throughout a series of the interior renovation, he would understand the feasibility of design which becomes a reality by the hands of a craftsman. These experiences has evolved as the ability of interior design with the fusion of know-how to improve sales.

In addition, he would be able to recognize the changing trend and the traditional design transmitted to posterity because he had handled the apparel stores mainly.

At such time, the many of stores which designed by him had been rapidly improving store sales. The president of other company who saw improvement of its performances headhunted him to start a new interior design business.

He had have the hope that to be able to focus all energy to the interior design. and then he decided to get a headhunting after deep deliberation. And he had be appointed as chief designer and the responsible person for the total of the interior design.

Although his interior design life had been smooth until this point, he encountered an unexpected frustration. He suffered a lot of indignity from his customers because he was only 24 years old at that time despite overall responsible person for the interior design of this company.

When he visited customers for sales promotion, was said to come again after gaining more experiences and results from the customer. When he went to the presentation for the interior design, the customers only talked to each other and did not listen throughout his presentation. Despite he visited the customer for the presentation, but the customer finished showing off the knowledge of interior design to reverse. Just because he is young, his interior design was forced price cuts by the customer. In construction, some of interior was not completed along the design required because the renovation contractor did not listen his instruction.

However, he was always keeping in mind to understand to another person’s position. Then he became to be understood little by little from customers and contractors by his heartfelt intention and behaviour. He was given a lot of opportunity to design interior not only Japan but overseas such as Singapore and South Korea by cherish the relationship between people.

The life which he can imagine for the interior design was very ideal for him. However, he was no longer able to control the feeling which he want to work in own name as a designer. And he decided to independent as one of a designer.

Interior design work had been decided about 8 job from customers who had been on friendly terms before starting own business. However, he would be given a severe ordeal in second time.

It was his own unexpected occurrence that can not be avoided. That is the Great East Japan Earthquake of 11th March 2011 which brought a large earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan which is largest ever observed in Japan.

Therefore, the interior design work was canceled all immediately, leaving only a slight. He felt the powerlessness of his own strongly. He was aware that by himself only cannot do anything.

He considered it seriously. he noticed he can contribute the interior design to the hope of people who passed away was supposed to be come true originally.

When he was working for a little job left in his hand, his passion would have an impact on people around him without knowing.

People who aid him would appear one by one in front of him. When the aftershocks had settled, His interior design work would begun to become smoothly. And, he became a popular interior designer for commercial in a short-term with his results and achievements now.

It was a message from Hayato (Mr. Onuki Hayato) such a popular interior designer.

His message was this. “Would like to enrich the hearts of many people by providing the attractive interior design to overseas including Malaysia”

And here, I will be given the opportunity to provide the interior design of Hayato in Malaysia, I am very grateful now.


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