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by Combination of Art and Feng-Shui.

One late afternoon, The air was clear after rain. When I was look out of the window, A cool breeze touched my cheeks. And, I felt myself being wrapped in golden light from behind.

On that night, I got to know ORIHIDE (Mr. Kitamura Orihide) who is a graphic designer produced lots of popular items.

Then, I had thought the graphic design had nothing to do with interior design . However, as I listened to his story, I found out that he has a very attractive deep knowledge and skills valuable to interior design.

ORIHIDE found employment at the graphic design company in Nagoya after graduating from the graphic design school. He was in charge of big projects of graphic design and regular project immediately because he has the rich ability and art sense. However, he was abandon the position of the stability in this company after a while.

In graphic design industry, types of graphic designs are very different from each companies. He decided to go on knight-errantry for 10 years in top-level companies of each types of graphic designs in order to enhance the skills and aesthetic sensitivity by experience of the various kinds of designs.

He carried out it, and he was independent as a designer. But at first, his situation was not very good.

He bought the top-class high-rise tower mansion in Osaka. And, he has a life that everyone longing.

But his such gracious living did not last long. Strongly influenced by economic conditions, He fell into the state of no income for several months.

At that time, his tax payment was found a small miscalculation by tax inspection. And, he paid back tax in an amount equal with one year reward.

To make matters worse, He lost 13,000,000 yen in damages caused by the investment firm.

When he had such a heart and body fatigue, he had a strange experience. He saw a dream that would be taken to the spiritual place where to be flowing with mystical energy. Then, although visiting for the first time, the scenery and landscape was exactly same as the scene that saw in a dream.

There is such a thing that happened to him once, he looked back on himself. He was aware that he had forgotten the feeling of the time when studying design by the knight-errantry.

Then, he looked back the past design works which he strived for success. Through the design works of the past, he could find some common grounds. His design included the elements of the spiritual, such as feng-shui and jinx, that he had learned little by little in the unconscious through design in the knight-errantry.

In the wake of it, he did a study of the feng-shui and the spiritual beings. He tried to harmonise the spiritual beings , the artistic design and the latest trend. And he renovated his home into a new style incorporating spiritual and feng-shui into interior design.

He made a comeback in such a short period of time as if previous bad situation had be a lie.

Because he reminded the heart to cherish the relationship with people by looking back on his own, he returned to original style of the fast speed and good quality for design work.

And, by providing interior design that combines beautiful design , feng-shui and spiritual, he is eager that a lot of people can live at ease in such environment.

Then , I met him. I could not contain myself, Then I asked ORIHIDE to provide the interior design as an interior stylist in Malaysia.

ORIHIDE (Mr. Kitamura Orihide) understand my passion and he agreed to the share my passion . And now, ORIHIDE is going to provide the Interior Design as an interior stylist in Malaysia.


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