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Luxury & Functional Marble Kitchen

A customer heard reputations for us and He requested us the renovation in order to dedication thoroughly about details and quality. The one of requests is luxurious and functional marble kitchen.


Sophisticated Marble Size

Marble size is usually not considered with room design. However, this wall of marble size is considered to match with the design of the room. Not only that, it is precisely calculated marble size to fit the distance of the kitchen. This is one of our consideration as a renovation contractor.


Stability of the marble bar counter

If it is the overhang of a thin marble like the photo, The marble countertop cannot be stable. The marble counter top vibrates with a little shock and bend by only the leaned on elbows. It may cause cracks and breaks.

In this case, we have devised ways to renovation work in order to avoid problems that are expected in near future. It has realized the stability of a marble countertop by the ingenuity of its construction.

The durability also our consideration as a renovation contractor, even if there is no special requests from customer.


Accuracy of Marble Work

To maximize goodness of marble is by the renovation craftsmanship. The marble kitchen is pursued width of joint, even surface of each marble, the smoothness of the surface, glossy and reflection.


Cost Down for Marble Kitchen

Marble Stone is not cheap material. So, the kitchen with a lot of marble will be higher. For this reason, we have proposed a cost down idea without sacrificing the durability and luxury in this case.

We are happy that the customer satisfied with luxury and functional the marble kitchen that could be realized with low cost.


Coating for Maintenance-free Marble

The disadvantage of marble is discoloration and stain. However, marble coating agent selling generally on the market is will impair the texture and material feeling of marble. In other words, it lose the goodness of marble and it looks different material.

In this case, the marble is treated by special coating which is penetrated inside of the marble without changing any of the texture of the surface in order to prevent stain and discoloration. So, the marble kitchen can be used maintenance-free without any hassle.


We are so pleased more than anything else that the renovation have been satisfied with the customer. Thank you very much to Mr & Mrs. Y.

Tiles Peel Off Easily By Cement To Be Used

Tiles Peel Off

There are several reasons for peeling of tile. The skill to sticking the tile is a major cause also. But, this time, I will introduce simple and the most basic know-how. It is high possibility that the cause of peeling off tiles within 3 months to 2 years. And, customers / end users who are not a renovation contractor are also easy to judge it.

There are a number of types of cement to bond the tile. However, some of renovation work is using cement which is not suitable for sticking tiles. We are testing several cement in the method not related to skill. And, Cements is using those available on the market of Malaysia. Please see photo as below.

Tile Peel Off By Cement

We test “cement – A” and “cement – B” Appearance of the cement after drying is the same. However, the “cement – A” was peeled off easily by applying a force. But, the “cement – B” cannot be peeled off by applying a force. Tiles is received a force due to distortion around the tile by temperature change under conditions of nature.

In this test, It is able to see the importance of cement to be applied to the tile. The house renovation of high quality and durable is used by the suitable material. Material of the invisible part is also very important. Please check the material of your renovation for happiness your dream house.


KEVO Unlocks House Doors by Touch with iPhone

Kevo & iPhone

Kevo is the smart key for a house. It is able to unlock and to lock the house doors by touch when you keep iPhone in your pocket. iPhone will be used as a simple digital key. You are able to open the lock without taking iPnone from the bag and pocket.

Appearance of the Kevo is same as the ordinary lock, but the circle light around keyhole is futuristic. Kevo can unlock the house lock by app that use Location services and Bluetooth of iPhone. You need not to find the key in your bag or pockets. The circle light will turn green and it will be unlocked when you touch lightly with a finger.



The family member who have iPhone will be able to hold digital key. And, it is possible to send to friends and/or relatives the digital key which can be used temporarily. When your friends and relatives arrived earlier than you, they can get into the house before you arrive.

Kevo FobIf you do not have iPhone, you can use “Kevo Fob (hands free key)”.It is same as smart key systems for car. And, if you cannot use iPhone and Fob, you can also use a physical key as traditional locks.

For the security, Kevo detects whether a family member is inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.

Contents of Interior Design


You must prepare the planning beforehand in order to get the renovation of good quality. There is interior design which is one of the means. And, the 3D rendering only is not the interior design. The 3D rendering is only a part of the interior design.

The main contents of the interior design are the blueprint for making a house. It is just a beautiful picture if there is no dimension. So if you hire an interior designer, you need confirm the contents to your interior designer in order not to waste the cost of interior design.


1. Preliminary Concept Design

Concept Proposal, Space Planning, Zoning, Master Plan, Perspective Image, Color Story, Scheduling, Rough Cost Estimation for Renovation.


2. Client Review & Approval

Refining Preliminary Design.


3. Detailed Design & Drawings and Specification

Floor Plan:
Planning the entire space focusing on usability and functional with considering the flow line and eye level of human.
Design Scheme:
Planning the color for the entire space, and to decide the materials of flooring, wall and ceiling etc.
Fixture & Joinery Plan:
Designing for the fixture & joinery.
Lighting Plan:
Designing lighting fixtures, light distribution, and selection of the type of the light source to make a comfortable space.
Accessories Plan:
Select painting, foliage plants, such as accessory to match the interior image.
Kitchen & Shower Room Plumbing Plan.
Facility Planning.
Furniture Plan.
Renovation Cost Estimation.
3D Photo Rendering Design.


4. Interior Design Development

Development Detailed Design & Specification.


5. Construction

Construction Work. (This is a scope of the renovation work.)
Construction Supervision. (This is a scope of the renovation work.)
Construction Administration (This is a scope of interior design.)


Renovation & Interior Design in PENANG



The renovation quality is the responsibility of the renovation contractors.
Your renovation is the responsibility of our renovation work.




Interior design should not be 3D rendering arts.
Our interior design is a fusion of the beauty and practicality.


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Interior Design for Cost Savings & Interior Design for Cost Increase

Interior Design for Cost Savings

 There is 2 type of Interior design. One is the 3D art/rendering and the simple layout. There is not included detail of the construction method and materials such as important preparatory work / spadework before the surface work. In this case, the quality and durability of the construction will be committed by the skill and knowledge of the renovation contractor.
 And, It won’t become cost downand it will be additional cost. The interior design fee is included to the renovation cost even if it is free of charge.
 This type of interior design is the purpose for the customer to imagine the completion of the renovation. Therefore, you can see and check the house design visually before the renovation work. Then, You can avoid the difference in image of housing renovation. But, please note that 3D art/rendering is usually much better than the actual renovation.

 Another type of the interior design is the blueprint/drawing and detail of the renovation work with quantity survey. Therefore, the quantity of material can be calculated accurately, the cost will be lower very much. Because it is not a calculation in bulk/lump-sum. The renovation contractors do not need add up the extra costs such as the buffer for the unexpected work.
 And, the detailed blueprints/drawings will be the working instructions to the renovation contractor. Therefore, the quality and durability of the construction will be much better. The detailed blueprints/drawings will be one of the agreements with the renovation contractor. It will be a clear breach of contract, if the renovation contractor did the shoddy construction.
 The interior design with the detailed blueprints/drawings makes high quality, high durability and the cost savings. However, if the renovation is too small project, the quality and durability is much better, but the total cost will be high. Please discuss with a renovation contractor with knowledge.
 And, please note that it won’t be a cost savings in the case of the renovation contractor to calculate by lump-sum even if there is blueprint/drawing. It is important that you ask the renovation contractor who can understand the blueprint/drawing and the quantity survey. If you ask the renovation contractor who do not have knowledge enough, the interior design with the detailed blueprint/drawing will be wasted.

Check House Exterior Painting Process Before Ordering to Renovation

House Exterior Painting

The house exterior painting may look easy at first glance. But, the durability and the good color development of paint will vary significantly by the painting process. The house that has been painted in the correct procedure is superior to the beautiful and durable.

However, even if the house exterior painting is omitted just a part of the process, It is impossible to keep the expected lifespan of the paint manufacturers. In the case, it will be 10% – 30% of the expected lifespan durability of the paint manufacturers. For example, even if you chose to the paints of 10 year lifespan, the lifespan will be only 3 years by the shoddy painting work.

Unfortunately, many renovation contractors will do often the shoddy construction. The reality is that some renovation contractors do not know the procedure recommended by the paint manufacturers.

Therefore, you should confirm before ordering to the contractors whether the renovation contractor knows the process of the house exterior painting.


STEP 1. Pressure Washing

Clean the choking of the old coating and the dirt such as dust, mold, mildew, algae by pressure washers. (Please caution there is a case to damage the building by the renovation contractor, if the contractor do not have skill and knowledge.)

STEP 2. Surface Preparation (Scraping and Sanding)

Remove the loose coating such as peeling, blistering, cracking.

STEP 3. Surface Repairing

Make the repair in response to deterioration symptoms. (Cracking repairing, Caulking, Resin mortar imprinting, Epoxy injection, Pattern repairing, etc.)

STEP 4. Masking & Protection

Masking to protect the paint splashes to the home and landscape from unwanted paints.

STEP 5. Undercoat (First Primer Coat)

The undercoat will improve the durability by increasing the adhesion of the finish coat. And, it will eliminate the uneven suction of paint to the surface of the wall, also it will eliminate pinhole hair cracks and reinforced the fragile surface of the wall.

STEP 6. Second Coat

The second coat will be a long-lasting coating by ensuring a certain amount of the coating thickness. It is important for the beautiful paint with a uniform color and no irregularities.

STEP 7. Finishing Coat

The finishing coat gives beautiful colors of paint such as shine, vividness and richness.

STEP 8. Remove Masking & Protection

Remove the masking after completion of painting work.

STEP 9. Inspection

The inspection will be checked by a responsible person. And, it will touch up if needed.

STEP 10. Cleaning

Even if it was masking carefully the whole house, the paint will splash and stick out. Therefore, it is needed to clean with thinner. And, It will clean around the house and the neighborhood. Also, if the something was moved for painting work, it will be returned to the original place.


Many renovation contractors in Malaysia will apply the finishing coat only. Therefore, the life span is significantly shorter. Therefore, it is very expensive when considering the durability.

In addition, the paint is able to categorize 4 types of the lifespan. The paint is able to categorize 4 type by the lifespan. It is 4-7years lifespan, 6-10 year lifespan, 8-12 year lifespan and 15-20 year life span.

Some renovation contractors pass the responsibility of poor quality and the durability to the paint manufacturers. However, there is also a company with a studying history of more than 100 years in the paint manufacturers.

In actual, the inferior of durability and quality are the responsibility of the renovation contractors who omitted the procedure recommended by the paint manufacturers.


You will be able to succeed in the House Exterior Painting by considering the lifespan of painting work. Please check the process of the renovation contractor before ordering renovation.

Paint Colors that Make Your House Look Bigger and Beautiful

Paint House Look Bigger

The color of paint and total coordination are important to make look bigger and beautiful for your house.

For the color, more white/beige/off white will show the room bigger. And, It is better to choose a bright color to the ceiling. The ceiling is able to see like as high.

And, If you would like to choose a dark color and you want to show bigger, it need the wall molding with bright color, and it will be the beautiful and gorgeous design. However, it is better to choose the bright colors if you want to make your house look bigger more.

And, If you would like to consider the total coordination, It is better not to change the color in each room. Although many people will change the color in each room, the house will be visible cheap. However, designers will consider at the same time the design of outside and inside the house.

For example, outside of a house is classic, but the inside house is kindergarten. Some house has given the impression like this, actually. Many person chooses a lot of colors because the printing cost is usually same. However, the house looks a cheap.

It is very important that you match the color of the whole house. Please try to reduce the kind of color you want to paint. And please choose a similar color. You can get the beautiful house renovation in harmony without having to hire an interior designer.

And, if you want to use lots of colors and consider beauty and design, it needs a very good skill that is an expert. Most interior designers can not coordinate it. You need to hire a specialist for color coordination. (We have a lot of the interior designers, However, the interior designer who can harmonize a lot of color is only one person.)

For the paint cost, it usually does not charge extra even if you want to paint a lot of color. (But if you want a lot and a lot of color, the cost will be high. But usually nobody request so many colors, So it is no need extra cost for paint.)

It is to choose a bright color paint to make your house look bigger. And, it is to harmonize the color of the whole house in order to look beautiful. A simple tip is to reduce the kind of color you want to paint. However, if you want to paint a lot of color, It is necessary to hire a designer with an excellent color sense even among interior designers. If you need our help, please ask us.

Succeed Home Renovation with Expert of Customer’s Perspective

Idea of interior design of house renovation is not only one. Our interior design service is not only one designer, but also we have multiple designers. It is the professional job that meets the hopes of the customers within the limits of the budget.

Some renovation contractors will tell simply that it is “impossible” as a matter of convenience of the construction or budget. But, it is possible that their idea has just dried up.

So if you want to succeed in your home renovation, you will need to ask the changes many times without hesitation. If a designer charge additional fees for every change, that designer has no intention to provide a good home design for you.

If you do not satisfy the design of the house, you should ask to reconsider to designers or renovation contractors. It will succeed a great renovation for your home with a process to reconsider the design several times.

Also, even if you are satisfied, it does not take account of the behavior and the lifestyle of human beings to the design in some cases. But if you are not an expert, it is very difficult to think about the behavior and the lifestyle of human beings.

Therefore, the design must be considered from the perspective of third party expert that is different from the renovation contractors and the designers. The third party expert needs to think the renovation design from the standpoint of the customer.

It may conflict with the standpoint of a customer and the standpoint of a renovation contractor. However, it is important in order to complete the better renovation. And, an opinion of the designer from a different perspective, it will succeed the best house renovation.

We have a system to consider the house design separately from the customer’s point of view and perspective of a person in charge of the renovation work in order to succeed your home renovation.

Get Advice from Other Home Renovation Contractor

The renovation idea is not only one. And the designer is not only one person, but also there are a lot of designers. It is the professional job that meets the hope of the customer within the limits of the budget.

Some renovation contractors will say simply “impossible” as a matter of convenience of the construction. However, if you do not satisfy, you do not need to progress your house renovation.

If you have some dissatisfaction and it is difficult to ask directly to the renovation contractor, you can get the idea, the knowledge and the information from the other contractors.

Many renovation contractors may reluctant to advise without receiving your order. However, some renovation contractors as well as we will advise gladly. Because, the knowledge and technique of construction will be improved and developed a lot by to advise.

The third party can think the thing from the standpoint of the customer as much as possible. It may disagree with the standpoint of the customer and the standpoint of the renovation contractor.

However, it is important in order to complete the better house renovation. And, the opinions of the designer from a different perspective is added, it will achieve the best house renovation.

So, please try to find an adviser for your house renovation. Of course, we will advise gladly for your home renovation. Feel free to contact us from the contact form or the comment form.

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