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A customer heard reputations for us and He requested us the renovation in order to dedication thoroughly about details and quality. The one of requests is luxurious and functional marble kitchen.


Sophisticated Marble Size

Marble size is usually not considered with room design. However, this wall of marble size is considered to match with the design of the room. Not only that, it is precisely calculated marble size to fit the distance of the kitchen. This is one of our consideration as a renovation contractor.


Stability of the marble bar counter

If it is the overhang of a thin marble like the photo, The marble countertop cannot be stable. The marble counter top vibrates with a little shock and bend by only the leaned on elbows. It may cause cracks and breaks.

In this case, we have devised ways to renovation work in order to avoid problems that are expected in near future. It has realized the stability of a marble countertop by the ingenuity of its construction.

The durability also our consideration as a renovation contractor, even if there is no special requests from customer.


Accuracy of Marble Work

To maximize goodness of marble is by the renovation craftsmanship. The marble kitchen is pursued width of joint, even surface of each marble, the smoothness of the surface, glossy and reflection.


Cost Down for Marble Kitchen

Marble Stone is not cheap material. So, the kitchen with a lot of marble will be higher. For this reason, we have proposed a cost down idea without sacrificing the durability and luxury in this case.

We are happy that the customer satisfied with luxury and functional the marble kitchen that could be realized with low cost.


Coating for Maintenance-free Marble

The disadvantage of marble is discoloration and stain. However, marble coating agent selling generally on the market is will impair the texture and material feeling of marble. In other words, it lose the goodness of marble and it looks different material.

In this case, the marble is treated by special coating which is penetrated inside of the marble without changing any of the texture of the surface in order to prevent stain and discoloration. So, the marble kitchen can be used maintenance-free without any hassle.


We are so pleased more than anything else that the renovation have been satisfied with the customer. Thank you very much to Mr & Mrs. Y.

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