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Nao-Holly Interior Design

Nao-Holly (Oohori Naoyuki) is active in the front lines as an interior designer. When he was still a boy, he had looked down whole city from the hill. At that time, he feels a great attraction to the creation from nothing of townscape in which people live lives. And he vaguely hoped to walk the way to architecture.

When he was a student, he got to know Nigel Coates who is an authority on interior design. Nigel Coates has achieved his ideal design against the background of social conditions in Japan at the time. He was fascinated by the beauty of formative design created by Nigel Coates.

This was the moment that he wants to be involved in the interior design heartily. Also, this was the moment of the birth of an interior designer “Nao-Holly”.

He was in the situation that he wanted to aim for an interior designer without the background of architecture. Therefore, he decided to put himself in the construction industry at first. Then, he selected the sales job of household equipment company because wanted to know the feeling of customers.

He was nothing but he just wanted to know the feeling of customers and to deliver the good product. So he worked hard. As a result, he had achieved the No.1 sales in Japan despite of the youngest. And, in the sale of household equipment of Panasonic Electric Works (former Matsushita Electric Works), he was awarded the honor of the best sales throughout the world.

He continued to top of the sales performance with three branches as an area manager despite to be an object of jealousy daily by elders due to fast promotion in the youngest. He noticed there were many ask of the design and coordination from customers through talking at work. Therefore, he proposed the original design to the company several times. Unfortunately, the company never accepted his proposal.

Gradually, he decided to abandon his successes and position by differences of opinion about customer services with the company and he aimed to be an interior designer which was his original goal.

And he was interested in a company dealing imported furniture and imported building materials that is diverse and unusual design at the time. And he met the CEO of the company and talked his passion directly and he got a position in the company.

In this company, he could contact European designers and the designs kept a fondness and love. He learned generosity of human, patriotic spirit, and cherish of historical background of things and his own.

He was loved by CEO immediately after joining the company and he was in charge of modern furniture store that is separate from the modern classic furniture. He was entrusted with the fate of the company. He handled development of the new products from the design. He made production in Italy and sold it in modern furniture store.

He had many customers who ask him to coordinate their interiors of houses with the modern furniture. He was contracted to construction from the design for houses and shops, sometimes. Therefore, he got chances to engage in that with the architects and designer.

Sometimes, he had visited Italy and France to find furniture. He had visited to the Milan Salone that is the largest design fair and he got many inspiration of design. Staying Milan, he studied about the ancient sculpture and the edifice that showing the beauty beyond the history.

The company had been dealing with the furniture, but had started the new business development of the renovation work with designed for house. In those days, there was not the renovation work with designed. Then, the attempt of business was accepted by many customers in the blink of eye.

However, a small number of staff were continued to work for many projects. Then the quality of renovation was degrading slowly. At that time, unlike he is now, he could not think to keep quality. And he had become easy to forget to consider for the each customer.

The company had also continued business to import furniture, and the company was planning to open new store. Therefore, he came back to the department of imported furniture. But the new store changed to apparel stores dealing with the clothes and leather products for women from dealing the furniture and imported building materials gradually.

He was grateful to the company that gave him many opportunities to study, but he decided to leave the company. Because, he always wanted to be engaged in interior design.

After leaving the company, he went to study in art school in Milan to improve design skills. After studying in Milan, He could select the future that joining to a company of Italian furniture that had an association with previous job, or aiming of becoming a Meister. However, he decided to take a first step to become an interior designer who can contribute to the world that has been longing from young. He went back to Japan and started own business as an interior designer.

He met an interior designer in shortly after independence entrepreneurs. The designer took advantage of latest CAD technology in those days, and he had created attractive designs by new design method. He was attracted to the designs that created by the person and to a great potential of CAD. Then, he left the dear old Yokohama and He started to study interior design from the person in Tokyo.

In the business of interior design with the person, he was involved in office designs, commercial facilities and environmental designs which he had never handled. This became the foundations of current his interior design.

By the introduction from the person, he got a chance to work with a popular designer who is designing disco in Tokyo and achieved success with “cafe & bar” which target young people as a space producer in the 1980s. He involved a lot of interior design and could learn about space design.

After he returned from Italy, he went to help to a small building firm, and he met a great craftsman who can handle that woodworking, painting, plastering and mounting. Their quality and speed were much better than any other craftsman can. Attracted by craftsman’s work, his business model was established as handling construction work and design work with his own hands.

The business model involved from design to construction, so it gave customers a security feeling and led them to trust. Therefore, he was undertaken a lot of works. Shortly, he received order for custom-built houses and private house for sale from developers.

However, construction work became major job than design work as order increases. He could not handle some of construction works and he gave some job to subcontracting. This resulted in a decline in the quality of the job. He had the same experience before. But, later, he was to be realized painfully degrading of the quality was a sign of problems.

He ordered to subcontractor but the construction was started to delay. But he was leaving everything to the subcontractor because he did not think as a serious problem. However, they became noticeable gradually and he became busy to deal with their problem.

Suddenly, one day, the subcontractor had disappeared from in front of him with all the construction money. Therefore, he burdened with a large debt and had unfinished construction projects.

He learned to think customer as well as subcontractors. When issue become noticeable he should find that subcontractor is facing to financial problems, he should talk with the subcontractor, and he should find a fundamental solution.

He thought to retire from the interior design and tried to change a course to the graphic design. Then, he joined as a graphic designer to a company that makes advertising for event-related, TV and radio.

However, after joined the company, he was assigned to the department of design and production for the display of events and facilities because he has a background of interior design and construction.

Although he didn’t have such experience in interior design work, he was very interested in booth design and zoning, etc., such as exhibition. And he won the prize of excellent decoration at the gift show.

Then, he carried out from planning and design to construction for dining store space to the expansion of the company business. He engaged in a comprehensive space production including the store management. And, his know-how was accumulated to produce the space by getting the opportunity to design a comprehensive management.

The company transferred this business to another company due to the success of a restaurant beyond expectation. Therefore, he regained confidence and became independent again by this opportunity.

That is the interior designer Nao-holly who is active in this industry currently. He has many fans to his interior design because he cherishes the feelings of the others that he learned from many of the failure.

He is designing shops mainly and offices, clinics. He is blessed with many regular customers by giving a sense of security because of his comprehensive design. And the demands for residential interior design have been increasing by word of mouth.

He is good at natural design that cherished the real material and eco-friendly. He value for the human health and the environment of the earth.

By our strong wish, the people and earth friendly interior design is possible to provide around the world not only in Japan. And, we can provide the interior design of Nao-Holly in Malaysia now.


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