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Tiles Peel Off Easily By Cement To Be Used

Tiles Peel Off

There are several reasons for peeling of tile. The skill to sticking the tile is a major cause also. But, this time, I will introduce simple and the most basic know-how. It is high possibility that the cause of peeling off tiles within 3 months to 2 years. And, customers / end users who are not a renovation contractor are also easy to judge it.

There are a number of types of cement to bond the tile. However, some of renovation work is using cement which is not suitable for sticking tiles. We are testing several cement in the method not related to skill. And, Cements is using those available on the market of Malaysia. Please see photo as below.

Tile Peel Off By Cement

We test “cement – A” and “cement – B” Appearance of the cement after drying is the same. However, the “cement – A” was peeled off easily by applying a force. But, the “cement – B” cannot be peeled off by applying a force. Tiles is received a force due to distortion around the tile by temperature change under conditions of nature.

In this test, It is able to see the importance of cement to be applied to the tile. The house renovation of high quality and durable is used by the suitable material. Material of the invisible part is also very important. Please check the material of your renovation for happiness your dream house.


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