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Check House Exterior Painting Process Before Ordering to Renovation

House Exterior Painting

The house exterior painting may look easy at first glance. But, the durability and the good color development of paint will vary significantly by the painting process. The house that has been painted in the correct procedure is superior to the beautiful and durable.

However, even if the house exterior painting is omitted just a part of the process, It is impossible to keep the expected lifespan of the paint manufacturers. In the case, it will be 10% – 30% of the expected lifespan durability of the paint manufacturers. For example, even if you chose to the paints of 10 year lifespan, the lifespan will be only 3 years by the shoddy painting work.

Unfortunately, many renovation contractors will do often the shoddy construction. The reality is that some renovation contractors do not know the procedure recommended by the paint manufacturers.

Therefore, you should confirm before ordering to the contractors whether the renovation contractor knows the process of the house exterior painting.


STEP 1. Pressure Washing

Clean the choking of the old coating and the dirt such as dust, mold, mildew, algae by pressure washers. (Please caution there is a case to damage the building by the renovation contractor, if the contractor do not have skill and knowledge.)

STEP 2. Surface Preparation (Scraping and Sanding)

Remove the loose coating such as peeling, blistering, cracking.

STEP 3. Surface Repairing

Make the repair in response to deterioration symptoms. (Cracking repairing, Caulking, Resin mortar imprinting, Epoxy injection, Pattern repairing, etc.)

STEP 4. Masking & Protection

Masking to protect the paint splashes to the home and landscape from unwanted paints.

STEP 5. Undercoat (First Primer Coat)

The undercoat will improve the durability by increasing the adhesion of the finish coat. And, it will eliminate the uneven suction of paint to the surface of the wall, also it will eliminate pinhole hair cracks and reinforced the fragile surface of the wall.

STEP 6. Second Coat

The second coat will be a long-lasting coating by ensuring a certain amount of the coating thickness. It is important for the beautiful paint with a uniform color and no irregularities.

STEP 7. Finishing Coat

The finishing coat gives beautiful colors of paint such as shine, vividness and richness.

STEP 8. Remove Masking & Protection

Remove the masking after completion of painting work.

STEP 9. Inspection

The inspection will be checked by a responsible person. And, it will touch up if needed.

STEP 10. Cleaning

Even if it was masking carefully the whole house, the paint will splash and stick out. Therefore, it is needed to clean with thinner. And, It will clean around the house and the neighborhood. Also, if the something was moved for painting work, it will be returned to the original place.


Many renovation contractors in Malaysia will apply the finishing coat only. Therefore, the life span is significantly shorter. Therefore, it is very expensive when considering the durability.

In addition, the paint is able to categorize 4 types of the lifespan. The paint is able to categorize 4 type by the lifespan. It is 4-7years lifespan, 6-10 year lifespan, 8-12 year lifespan and 15-20 year life span.

Some renovation contractors pass the responsibility of poor quality and the durability to the paint manufacturers. However, there is also a company with a studying history of more than 100 years in the paint manufacturers.

In actual, the inferior of durability and quality are the responsibility of the renovation contractors who omitted the procedure recommended by the paint manufacturers.


You will be able to succeed in the House Exterior Painting by considering the lifespan of painting work. Please check the process of the renovation contractor before ordering renovation.

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