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Renovation contractor painted with low techniques?

House Painting Low Quality Paint for Grill (trellis)This is a case of  low-quality house renovation that renovation contractor did not paint a portion of the iron grill (trellis).

This is not a problem of painting techniques and skills of the renovation workers…
This is what the renovation worker thought finished painting the grill or the worker did not paint intentionally because of difficult to paint by ventilation hood. But, is this a matter what really just a matter of a worker?

In our house renovation, we believe the company’s responsibility and accountability in this low quality painting.

Consider this photo of the painting process in detail.
The portion of unpainted had been painted the red colour undercoat.
It means the ventilation hood was installed before painted finish coating, after painted undercoat.

In our house renovation service, the ventilation hood will be installed after finished all painting. All the portions of the grill will be painted completely before install the ventilation hood. And the grill will be prevented rust.

Then your house will keep property value in a long-term by preventing rust.

House Painting Low Quality Paint (adhering)If you look at the photo in detail slightly, You will notice the white paint that adheres to the top of the grill.

This is adhered white paint to the grill when painting the walls.
Some people might say that because of the workers technique and skill.

Our paint work is not adhered paint to the other place. And, in our house renovation can be done equally high-quality paint in any skill workers by different working process and method. That is, our house renovation services are not dependent only on the skills of workers.

So you can get a beautiful painting for your home.

Are you interested in a good paint for your house renovation?


High Quality House Renovation – Soft Opening Now!!

Your Home Will be Considered in a High-Quality for Your Happy Life.

– Take comfortable and good sleep.
– Always healthy and lively.
– Feel the home is happiness for you.
– Enjoy always your wife’s cooking.
– Keep your wife beauty and youth.
– Enhance your child’s concentration.
– Have your child a positive mind and motivated.
– Feel proud of your family from the heart.
– Get valuable property even after 20 years.
– etc..

We are thinking Your Happy Life are Responsible by House Renovation.

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Satisfied with House Renovation Contractor in Malaysia?

Are you satisfied with service of the home renovation contractor?

  • Renovation contractor demands an additional charge frequently.
  • Renovation contractor runs away before completion of renovation.
  • Renovation contractor damages a portion of the house and does NOT repair.
  • Renovation contractor makes house dirty by splashing of paints.
  • Renovation contractor destroys a facility in the condominium and does NOT restore.
  • Renovation contractor makes an excuse for the failure is an original house condition.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT point out problems of the original house condition.
  • Renovation contractor makes an excuse for the failure is a poor material.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT explain about materials.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT comply with your requests.
  • Renovation contractor forgets your request.
  • Renovation contractor ignores the schedule.
  • Renovation contractor does NOT report the progress of construction.
  • Renovation contractor is not much different from an amateur skill.
  • Renovation contractor work by visual estimation without measurement.
  • Renovation contractor lacks the construction knowledge.
  • Renovation contractor lacks products knowledge.
  • Renovation contractor has no sense of beauty.
  • Renovation contractor disposes of construction waste to the neighborhood.
  • Renovation contractor makes trouble to neighbors. And you get complaints from the the neighbor.

Please leave your comment what you did not satisfy with home renovation.

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