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Shower lying down, Comfortable But Don’t Sleep

Shower is effective to refresh yourself when you are tired with the work. There is a shower that evolved a shower for the home. You can take a shower lying down. The shower can control temperature, intensity and quantity of water. This shower is not only to refresh you, but create a relaxing space.

Shower lying down

The shower has pre-programmed setting and you can decide from among balancing, energizing or de-stressing effects.

The balancing setting has the effect as caressing your body by a hand softly. The energizing setting has the effect as stimulate your body and liven your mind. The de-stressing setting has the effect as getting rid of the stress and to regain flexibility of the muscle.

HORIZONTAL SHOWER of Dornbracht is a new type of shower. you can get relaxing time at home as in the spa.

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